The Snow White Cafe is a Restaurant, Lounge and Bar which opened it’s doors in 1946.
 and it has been a favorite of the local crowd for since than.
We’ve literally seen Hollywood transform from the dangerous slump it was to the shimmering city it has become;
 But one aspect has remain the same and thankfully intact:
A thriving community of talented artists!
 This is what we love about Hollywood and it is to them that we owe so much, which is the reason why we treat them so well.
 When all the auditions are done they come in to relax and when the curtain is down for their play on any given weekend, we are here
 to celebrate with them with a pint of beer or a glass of wine and VIP treatment.
We are no strangers to creativity either, we got our name due to one of the most creative and successful Disney’s animation “Snow White” in fact when you come in, look up above the entrance and you’ll see a historical mural crafted by the very hands that gave life to this Disney’s classic.